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Pilgrimage Nightclub Tours

We use our 35 years of travel and industry experience together with our influential network of contacts to guide you through the world's finest clubs as an exclusive industry VIP. Whether it's an explosive big room in Ibiza, or a pumping pool party in Vegas. We share our inside knowledge and create the most mind-blowing party experiences of your life.

Kick Your Feet Up

Clubbing Holiday

When you embark on a Pilgrimage Clubbing Tour, expect everything to be taken care of as you kick back, relax and soak up each destinations pulsating party culture. Let us do all the hard work and organise your ultimate clubbing fantasy. Your only responsibility is to enjoy every magical moment and have the time of your life.

NO Hassles

VIP Clubbing Party

Lining up and getting into a club can always be a daunting experience, especially when your in another country, don't speak the language, don't know anyone, and it's one of the world's most explosive clubs. When you party with Pilgrimage, we take care of everything and cut straight to the chase. You arrive in a luxury limousine and receive exclusive VIP treatment in all of the clubs. Take your clubbing experience to the next level and live the dream! 

Passionate Tour Crew

What happens when a world traveller, a party promoter and international DJ randomly meet? The best nightclub tours in the world are born. Pilgrimage Clubbing Tours is an infusion of all our passions in life. Travel, clubbing, electronic music and people. Our connections, explosive energy and over 35 years of nightclub industry knowledge will blow you away. We provide exclusive VIP experiences that you could only ever dream of, creating clubbing moments that will change your life forever. 

Small Party Groups

Clubbing holidays are all about the intimate and personal connections you make with the people around you. Travelling is all about discovering, building friendships and sharing those once in a life time experiences. The smaller the group, the more amazing the adventure. That's why Pilgrimage Tours consist of 15 clubbers. 

There is more cohesion, unimaginable opportunities, and a stronger sense of friendship. You experience each destinations culture to the fullest, while capturing every single magical moment. 

Fiesta or Siesta

Pilgrimage Clubbing Tours

No clubbing Pilgrimage is complete without time to relax, siesta, and reflect upon the unbelievable night that was. The great thing about partying with us is that you get all the freedom and flexibility of travelling independently but with all the advantages of an organised group - not to mention the exclusive VIP experiences.    

During the day you're free to do as you choose and pursue your own personal interests. Alternatively you can engage in our daily recovery Fiesta activities. Our guides have a wealth of knowledge and versatility and know exactly how to keep the party pumping! From a boat party off the shores of Ibiza, to meeting a Superstar DJ poolside in Las Vegas. We organise it all, so all you have to do is Fiesta. 

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